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Letter reference explained

October 16, 2012
Daily Press


Recently a gentleman in responding to someone else's letter to the editor; made reference to my letter to the editor.

Implying that I was saying that GOP meant God's Only People. Really sir . My letter never intended to imply what you say.

Several of my neighbors, friends and family are dyed in the wool Democrats. I truly respect their opinion, though I may not agree with them politically. My argument was not with my neighbors, friends, or family. My argument was with the leadership of the Democratic Party. If all of you watched with interest, as I did, both political party conventions. The Democratic Party did not include God or Israel in the original party platform. They did however include them, (like Obamacare) not by a true 2/3 majority but by a ramrod of the leadership of the party. Is this truly what we want from our government?

I was hoping that the hope and change promised, along with transparency in government, would prove a better world for my 18 grandchildren. I've seen the change and it has almost made me lose all hope. Are my 18 grandchildren going to be able to prosper? Even if they work hard?

What I see is not what I had hoped to see. I will be fine, I am a survivor, no matter what. But what about my 18 grandchildren? They hang in the balance of what we do. Will they be better off because of this government because of what I have done or tried to do to try to make a better world for them?

In closing I want to say:

Dear sir: God loves all his children - Democrat, Republican, black, white, every single person. But we decide if we love him in return. I know my neighbors, friends and family love him. What about you.


Cookie Gascon




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