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In defense of Mitt Romney

October 12, 2012
Daily Press


In response to the letter from Bob Archambeau. First to the editor; shame on you for printing that. You know, or at least should know, that Mitt Romney gave his inheritance away. When I write something that you don't think is true, you don't print it.

Secondly, Mr. Archambeau, businesses come and go everyday. I know what it is to take over a nearly bankrupt company. I have done it three times. It is hit or miss if you succeed. Bain Capital took over many struggling companies. Some succeeded, some failed. Sports Authority and Staples are the two that come to mind that are extreme successes. Bain Capital took over a struggling steel plant. Has there ever been a steel mill in this country that failed? The steel mill in question was in re-organization under bankruptcy court. It had already failed. Bain Capital came in and took it over. It failed. In the meantime that poor guy lost his job. Anybody else ever lose their job because a plant closed? I know, this one was different because in addition to closing the plant, single-handedly putting hundreds, no, thousands, maybe millions, out of work. And in addition, Mitt Romney gave the guy's wife cancer and she died three months later. Really? If you don't like Romney, that is okay. I don't like a lot of people, but I don't have to make up stories about them. Romney has worked his way through a lot of different ventures, and he has been successful.

There is nothing wrong with that. We all want to make a lot of money. Some work for it, like Romney, some just get it from government. Whatever works for you.

Tom Grant




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