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To my Democratic friends

October 9, 2012
Daily Press


I was born and raised a Dem and never questioned the fact that Dems were for the poor and Rep. were all about the rich. Politics have evolved so much, nothing stands for what it used to. All we get are lies, half truths and spin from the media. But I have learned I am guilty of mass murder, yes I said murder, and so are you if you vote Democrat. I never really understood that before. But now I do.

The Democratic platform believes in abortion upon demand right through the delivery time, even upon the head coming out and snuffing its life out. We have killed over 55 million, yes millions, of innocent babies, more than all the wars added together and the holocaust. I'm imploring you people stop voting for your pocketbook, your team or your unions, but by your values. We have to start somewhere to change this and only conservative Rep. will work to do so. We have this mass killing because we allow it with our votes.

I ask and beg you to really look at the platform of both parties. Dem's - women's rights - 1) we can murder legally our babies, 2) to get free contraception 3) allow our daughters to get free birth control or a free abortion at any age 12-13 without your permission 4) plus gay marriage - let them get a legal contract. We already have a definition of marriage - it's between man and woman. The Dems have always used the scare tactics of losing medicare - Social Security, starving grandma, so on and so forth. We never see that under any Rep. president, it's all scare tactics.

Wake up and realize politicians are allowed to say anything 951 untrue. So sleep on this and search your heart and soul and tell yourselves weather you can vote a Democratic ticket and live with yourself.

Candy Rivers




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