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More disinformation than information

October 8, 2012
Daily Press


The Sept. 17 letter by Mr. James A. Hirn, leaves one thinking more about "disinformation," than the "information" he claims to put in his letters. Mr. Hirn sources a rather obscure former Soviet Union woman named Svetlana Kunin, who writes an occasional letter, to a not widely read magazine called Investors Business Daily, as his "expert" on Obama's plan to destroy America! Svetlana Kunin was a Soviet trained civil engineer, who came here and became a citizen 32 years ago. She became a software developer and did rather well, is now retired and lives in Connecticut. Svetlana, like Mr. Hirn and I write letters to publications, out of these three writers, two are not Obama fans!

I am somewhat concerned about Mr. Hirn as he has been watching Morning Joe on MSNBC as his wife seems to enjoy the show. He stated that he has been told to watch this network! Mr. Hirn needs to assert himself, take that TV remote back and restore some order in his household! What red blooded American male allows the wife to even touch the remote? This is getting out of hand and could impact your street creds and bona fides with many of the other right wing letter writers who grace these same pages! Mr. Hirn thinks that "Morning Joe Scarbarough," a four-term former right wing Republican congressman from Florida, is a tad too liberal for his taste. In Mr. Hirn's world anyone who is not to the right of Attila the Hun or Francisco Franco must be a pinko leftist. Mr. Hirn says he feels nauseous in the morning, a doctor may be in order or there is a network option I have heard of with the Pepto Bismol Trio a.k.a. Gretchen, Brian, and Steve. I hear this program can work wonders for those on the right.

Please Ms. Debbie, do not kill the Fox Network. If this were to happen, it would cause a huge void in the world of comedy and this mother lode of material would be lost to the world forever. Think of Comedy Central and all the people you would impoverish. Many in the comedy world live off Fox News, think of Cobert and Stewart, think of me also missing my nightly yuks. Better informed people? Fair and balanced? We report you decide? This may be quite a stretch, a bridge too far, but do not let Fox die!

A few other points, as I reach the world limits. Much talk of late, of God and Godless Democrats by several letters including Mr. Hirn's. Let me assure everyone, that the acronym G.O.P., does not mean God's Own Party! Also a reminder of the many tragic outcomes in the confluence of government and religion throughout history. Kudos to Senator Levin for leading on the Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (think Mitt) and for the Detroit to Chicago rail line. Stayed tuned!

Jim Morrison

Garden Corners



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