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Beware of addiction

September 25, 2012
Daily Press


Women of the U.P. and especially young women, should have a special, mandated course offered, either as part of a biology class, social studies class, or other related class. Young men also could be offered or mandated to take the same classes. The topic would be "addictions."

Young people are more likely to make excuses, or just ignore the problem when it first shows up. Countless programs like Oprah, Dr. Phil, Judge Judy show how people can or could handle the problem. Where to go for help, etc. But is that enough to handle the problem when it falls into your own lap?

Many an older woman married to a retired "professional," "laborer," or otherwise, has to deal with a drunken, staggering old man. It is no picnic for a woman who has her own health problems to be tolerating such addictions.

It has to be stopped when it starts. The young husband, fun loving, who can't wait to open his six pack could be a nightmare waiting to happen. The woman has to be prepared. What will be her options when she is in her 70s and 80s. If the addiction has its noose around her partner's throat, what will she be able to do about it? Nursing homes are expensive places to be dropped off at. Addictions know no gender. Mostly, though, they are based in self pity and the ability to con others into pity.

Yes, addictions have been around for centuries, but ours seems to be overloaded with people with no self respect or independence. Young women had better hope for good health for when the day comes that she has to pick up her husband off the floor.

Mary Snyder

Ford River



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