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Time for adults to take control

September 25, 2012
Daily Press


It's time for the adults to take back control.

Just in the last few days, it has been like watching the keystone cops. A real three ring circus. The problem with that, people don't usually die with a circus. The attack on the embassy in Libya was planned or not planned. Take your choice. The Administration has made both statements for several days. It was a "spontaneous protest" about a film. Then, when they found out that there was proof that it was an organized Al Qaeda attack, they had to come up with a different spin. The original story? They had to "walk it back." Now, the same spokesman, Jay Carney, who said it was a protest, now says it is obvious that it was a terrorist attack.

Which is it? Is Al Qaeda that good? They can be both spontaneous and pre-meditated. Obama and Hillary and everyone except Mitt Romney, apologized for the U.S. Now there is a commercial showing on Pakistan TV that both Obama and Clinton are apologizing for us. I say enough. Quit apologizing for me. Pakistan has a national day of protest planned for Sept 21. We sent them how much? Egypt's ruling group, The Muslim Brotherhood, called for a million man march type protest against us. How much do we send them?

And what is the main stream media concerned with? The 47 percent. It is true that there are about 47 percent of America who has no clue and will vote for Obama. They want the "Obama money" "Obama's gonna pay my bills." Nothing about the real problems in the world. Part of the world is on fire and it could get real warm here soon, and they are so intent on that rascally rich guy Romney.

We need the adults to take over again.

Tom Grant




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