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We must begin to demand accountability

September 20, 2012
Daily Press


Oh well, what's another few American boys' lives lost. After all, we are pulling out anyway. Didn't we tell them that? Can't they have some consideration? After all, we are trying not to talk about them as an enemy. Can't they see how hard we are trying not to offend them? We've given and are giving them all our money to "keep the peace." What more do they want?

It is about time Americans put their foot down and said "enough is enough!" Our families needed an income, so joined the National Guard, formerly thought of as domestic service. Well, there they went. Men, women, and children, to return home in a box, under an American flag.

There was a time, when honor dictated who would be sent to war. Single men went before married; women were home with their children. In this day of women's lib, it is no longer the case. All are equal when it comes to taking a bullet.

We must begin to demand accountability of our elected leaders. They must be qualified to lead, which includes an innate sense of who we are as Americans.

Where is our self-respect? If we are so dumb as to put a uniform on an enemy, then show surprise when he shoots and kills our boy, then isn't it really time to get out and come home? An election campaign does not have more priority than our own security needs at our embassies, let alone battlefield.

If there are warning signs check them out!

We had better be careful. Our "friends" in the Middle East will be pointing their cannons at us. The video games will become a reality.

Mary Snyder

Ford River



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