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What has Benishek done for his district?

September 20, 2012
Daily Press


I found one of Dr. Dan Benishek's recent TV ads to be quite a testimonial to his acumen as a physician. One women stated that Dr. Benishek even "saved her life." Isn't that what doctors are trained to do? If he was an ordained minister, he might even "save her soul." But what has he done in Washington as our district representative. It's quite obvious that politics is not his forte. If you check his voting record, you'll find that he is just another Republican "rubber stamp" in Congress. How about helping the little guys in the U.P. doctor instead of the big corporations. Oops! I forgot - that's where your "big campaign bucks" come from.

I also read with interest, Alice Roberts "letter to the editor" of Sept. 12. In the letter she states that Dr. Benishek's office came to her rescue by furnishing the information she was seeking about Obama Care. It took her 621 words to state her case against the bill. Even Mitt Romney said that he agreed in part with some of the coverage in Obama Care. What don't you understand about the bill Alice that millions of Americans do and are now enjoying benefits they never could before.

Bob Johnson




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