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Big concern: The loss of freedom

September 17, 2012
Daily Press


There were a few writers who submitted letters about the information that I put in my letters. Evidently these writers do not like any criticism of Mr. Obama. But it is still a free country, and we are allowed to voice our opinions. This gets to one of my biggest concerns facing our country: the loss of freedom. The writers of Svetlana Kunin stress how clueless most Americans are about communist ideology and history. Svetlana came to the United States in 1980 and writes a letter to the IBD frequently. She knows first hand what life in a socialist system is like.

When asked if Mr. Obama and his backers are bent on destroying America and all it stands for? Her answer, "Yes, that's exactly what I mean."

Since I have been told to watch MSNBC to get the real news, I must confess that my wife does watch the Morning Joe program and sometimes I look on. However my stomach can only take so much left-wing slant. But if Ms. Debbie has her way, Fox News will be off the airways. One question - Will this make us a better informed people?

The recent problem that the Democratic Party had trouble with was to deal with the issue of whether God should stay in their document or be removed from it. After a voice vote, they finally kept God in their platform. So what are Mr. Obama's views on the matter? Since he is the head of the Democratic Party, his views on the mention of God should be sought out. We do know that he has left out some important words when he was referring to the Declaration of Independence. He said "we are endowed with certain unalienable rights." What did he omit? "by their Creator." He repeated his rewording of our Declaration, so he must believe that our rights come from government. And one could surmise that we get our rights from him. If this is a tirade, then I must be guilty of a tirade. Although I am just giving my views of what is happening to our country.

I cannot let our Senator Levin off the hook without a barb or two. So Mr. Levin is the major push for the Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act. This would be very costly and complex, and some foreign institutions are refusing to open accounts for Americans. One other bit I found about Sen. Levin is that he was in line to get about $280 million to build a fast track railroad from Detroit to Chicago. We do have Amtrak that is a very costly enterprise. For more info on this, check out how California is head over heels in debt on their speed train.

Lastly, the automobile has given us great freedom. With all of the programs Mr. Obama has fostered and the price of gas reaching $4 a gallon and going up, will we lose this freedom?

James A. Hirn




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