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God is in Democrat’s platform

September 13, 2012
Daily Press


I sincerely hope that the letter published yesterday (Sept. 10) was simply a matter of unfortunate timing and not of complete inaccuracy.

The letter "God and the Democrat's Platform" errantly stated that God is not a part of the Democratic Party Platform. Rest assured, Ms. Gascon, that your God is there, awkwardly voted into the platform on Tuesday evening of the DNC.

As a liberal who votes for the Democratic Party, for lack of a proper liberal political party, and an atheist, I must say, this inclusion saddens me. Back when he was a senator, President Obama stated "We are at a time in our country's history that inclusive language is better than exclusive language." He has continued this message of inclusion and togetherness throughout his first campaign, his presidency, and into his reelection campaign. It baffles me why the Democratic Party, the party led by a man who preaches inclusivity would adopt such an exclusive language.

When the Democrats initially released a platform without a mention of God, there was a lot of outrage by conservatives for excluding God. Personally, I think they miss the point. By excluding a mention of God, the Democratic Party was poised to include a part of the population that has never before been welcomed in a party, non-believers. In a May 2010 Gallup poll (the most recent data available), it was found that 16 percent of Americans (49.8 million of us) declare no religious affiliation.

Contrary to what Ms. Gascon asserts in her letter, the Democratic Party has not "denounced" God. The party made no statement suggesting in any way that believers were not welcome. Instead, the Democratic Party was living up to the wishes of our founding fathers that the United States be a nation of inclusion. They were simply making the tent a little bit bigger so that nearly 50 million more Americans could be welcomed inside.

Instead of standing up for their Democratic principles and including us, the Democrats left a voting block equal to 38.5 percent of all votes cast in the 2008 election out in the cold. I can only hope that in 2016, the Democrats will return to their senses and not mention God in the party platform.

Bryan J Sebeck




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