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2016: Obama’s America movie

September 11, 2012
Daily Press


Whether you like him or not this is a must see movie. It is not a entertaining movie with all the special effects, action, killing, and sex in a movie. It is about educating you about our president.

I had researched about him some up to his election and to the present day. Not looking to the media for my final answer about Obama.

I hoped that his message of "Hope and Change" was going to work. We are all Americans. His policies of growing government even bigger was not making any sense to me. Just look over to Europe to see what is happening to them. Government seems to be our problem and is not the answer we need.

Well this movie has given me the reason of his direction of which he (Obama) is directing us too. Director: Dinesh D'Souza of this movie grow up in India. He see this in a different light as we do.

Philip Norman

Bark River



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