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Look for what worked in the past

September 6, 2012
Daily Press


In response to Robert Griffin in Rapid River. First of all, the news sources that you get your news from are all liberal. Time magazine has become very liberal, USA is liberal, and NPR, Really? Then you sight the local news. If you really look at it the Daily Press is about as liberal as it can get lately. But that's another letter.

In order for a consumer economy to succeed, you need consumers to spend. To get consumers to spend, they have to have money. Those with "all the money" are reluctant to spend right now because there is a lot of uncertainty.

Just the other day, Associated Press reported that because of regulations, the price of a new car is going to go up by thousands. On Jan. 1, 2012, over 4,000 new federal regulations. Try and open a business right now. If you decide that you will fight the regulations and open a business, you must be careful that you don't get caught having to pay a penalty because of the new health care law. If I hire 12 people for my company, I have to pay for health care or pay a fine.

If lowering taxes is not the way to spur the economy, then why does Obama keep extending the "Bush tax cuts"? And those are not just for the rich. For most people it means an additional $2,000. Even for those who don't end up paying any taxes. We are getting hit by taxes and fees and regulations everywhere we turn. If I could have my business address in another country I would. Even in little Escanaba. If I located outside the city limits, I could save about $500 a year right off the top, just from fees and regulations.

Banks are reluctant to loan money because there is too much uncertainty. It costs more for our utilities because of regulations. I have been paying $15 a month more because of Obama's "Green Initiative." It is still unspecified where that money will go, but I do know its green. Gasoline prices are high because of a number of factors and one of them is that there are no new refineries. Too many regulations. Keystone Pipeline will get built with Romney, not Obama. Electric companies across the country are being forced to switch from coal to "anything else." Coal is bad. Not green.

Less regulations equals less expense. Less expense equals cheaper prices. I know, we want dirty water and air, and we are going to push grandma over the cliff. At least in the past we fed grandma dog food, now we just go ahead and kill her. Dog food costs too much.

If you are truly looking for answers you look at what has worked in the past and hasn't worked in the past. Even the most liberal will admit that the Reagan ideas worked. I think we all agree that the Obama ideas have not.

Tom Grant




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