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Show respect for the office

September 5, 2012
Daily Press


When reading one of Jim Hirn's "letters to the editor," it's like watching Fox News and listening to Rush Limbaugh at the same time.

In his letter to the editor of Aug. 24, he attacks Senators Levin and Stabenaw as being "big spenders."

Then he questions President Obama's attendance at Columbia University. In doing so, he shows his lack of respect for their office by addressing them as Mr. Levin, Ms. Stabenaw, and Mr. Obama.

He says that President Obama could "clear up" the Columbia accusation by releasing his grades. I'm sure that the President would gladly do so if Governor Romney would "clear up" his financial enigma by releasing his tax returns.

I think that Mr. Hirn should watch "MSNBC" once in a while to learn the truth. They support their claims with substantiated facts and by showing actual film of speeches and interviews. Thus proving that facts "don't lie."

I think that Adlai Stevenson said it best when he stated: "If the Republicans would stop telling lies about us Democrats, we would stop telling the truth about them."

I'm sure that Mr. Hirn is a good American who is a firm believer in our Constitution. I would then ask him why the states that have Republican controlled legislatures have enacted strict voting laws that are intended to suppress the voting rights of the poor, minorities, and the elderly.

In the case of Pennsylvania, it was proven that there were no instances of voter fraud. Yet they passed their bill anyway. After the signing of the bill by the Governor, the Republican Speaker of the House said: "We have now given the state of the Pennsylvania to Mitt Romney."

I would like to hear Mr. Hirn's opinion on this travesty of justice which is a total un-American sham.

Bob Johnson




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