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Give credit when credit is due

September 4, 2012
Daily Press


The election season is with us again. Something we should be concerned about is when we have an office with just one candidate to vote for. The public has no choice in such a situation. This is undesirable for our system of government. The voter should always have a choice.

For the candidate it is also desirable for someone else to be running. When you win the election you know the public has picked you and it is a gratifying feeling. You have been chosen. A candidate may enjoy the lack of competition but the reward is not as great.

We can only speculate as to why more people don't run for public office. One of the reasons could be public officials are constantly in the spotlight. This has brought considerable reaction when a public figure has been less than honest. Unfortunately the publicity given to such a situation overshadows the many public officials who are competent and hard working. The lack of respect given to all officials could be a discouraging factor to good people considering running for office. The blanket label given is damaging to our system of government. Positive recognition needs to be given along with criticism as each is deserved.

It is interesting we have this problem at a time when people in other countries are struggling so they can have a system where they select their representatives. Let us help ourselves by doing what we can to attract more involvement to government positions. Don't just be critical; give credit when credit is due. It could pay off for all of us.

Les Ruohomaki




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