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Response to three letters

September 1, 2012
Daily Press


On Aug. 23 a trifecta of right wing letters authored by Paul Neumeier, Richard Dufresne, and James Hirn appeared in this paper. However I am unable to categorize any of these in the win, place, or show! I wonder if this trilogy of letter writers suffers from a common right wing malaise known as, Obama derangement syndrome! Mr. Neumeirer takes an umbrageous position in an attempt to chastise nurse Julie Nelson. I would think nurse Nelson, a 21 year veteran, would not be caught unaware by anything Mr. Neumeirer could enlighten her with, and I would defer to nurses like her, as they are in the trenches and on the front lines in the health care systems. This health care debate has been going on since Roosevelt was president, and I am not talking about Franklin, I am talking about Teddy! I do not see President Obama as a caller, race baiter or whiner, but "well played sir" for the race reminder and food stamp reminder.

The insentient letter from Mr. Dufresne find him in somewhat a state of confusion on whether Obama is a wicked wizard or a witch. Mr. Dufresne rails on how Obama has duped the common people, does not walk to the walk, sends his kids to private school, opposes vouchers (for the common people), is a pawn of National Education Association (union) and places money and votes ahead of people. Mr. Dufresne seemed to have run out of invective as his letter was rather short.

Mr. Hirn completes this triad with his own tirade, starting with Senators Stabenow and Levin, with their big spending ways, support for the fairness doctrines, the base closure in our state etc. I am not surprised Mr. Hirn is on a first name basis with Rush and Sean, but (Old Carl) is somewhat odd. One would think that Laura, Neil and Billo would also be on his Christmas card list. If memory serves, there was an independent base closing commission that oversaw these base closings and it took it out of the politician's hands. Mr. Hirn wants it both ways when it comes to spending. "Halt the pork, but bring home the bacon." Obama did not say that our country was not special, but all countries have special place in its citizens hearts. My immigrant Finish grandfather had a love for this country and he loved his Finnish heritage. Both his sons served in World War II from 1942 to 1945 in the U.S. Army. I would rather see Mitt Romney's income tax returns than Obama's college grades, but I would be willing to do a trade. Mr. Hirn writes on about the Chicago way and Obama's down in the gutter Chicago gang. I wonder if politics are better in Dallas, Texas, Tampa, Fla. Or even Salt Lake City, Utah? The big lie has been credited to Nazi propaganda minister Joseph Goebbels, who believed that if you told a big enough lie, often enough, people would believe it. Are you sure this is where you want to go, Mr. Hirn?

Jim Morrison

Garden Corners



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