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Does anyone have any rational answers?

September 1, 2012
Daily Press

This letter was written to President Barack Obama, Senators Carl Levin and Debbie Stabenow, and Representative Dan Benishek.


I receive my news basically from three sources: Time Magazine, USA Today and National Public Radio, plus, of course, my local (and my very local news source).

I have been taught for the past 50 or more years that the USA is basically a "consumer economy," which, as I recall, represents approximately 60 to 65 percent, or more, of our GDP. Yet now, the Republican Party is trying to tell the public that the way to create "jobs" is through lower taxes and fewer government regulations, which I find very difficult to believe, as a basic premise, or condition to create any well paying job here in the USA! We must return jobs from China!

Without a consumer who has discretionary monetary dollars to spend, there can be no economic recovery as the wealthy (who represent only 2 percent of the USA) are insignificant in body count numbers. Now, I'm reading that the Pew Research Center conducted a study about the "middle class'" share of income ($39,000 to $118,000) and concluded that their income has stagnated over the past decade, or even shrunk. So, that leaves us with the poor to jump start the consumer economy which we all know won't ever happen at today's high cost of living.

So, maybe somebody can tell me the truth! I'm tired of political hype from Mr. Ryan who wants to increase defense spending (whereas I believe the USA should reduce defense spending and return all of our military troops from abroad) and stop trying to dominate the world alone or go to the World Government with a multi-nation armed force to solve problems of our world. See attached article by John Stossel of 8/11/12 titled "Wars to end War" which I believe it says it well, because I believe it, and could not have said it better myself. Does anybody in Washington listen to us citizens?

Look at the headline on section B of USA Today dated 8/15/12 about some federal pensions paying as much as up to $200,000 per year. I find such absurd, ridiculous, and downright stupid while this nation sits on a $16 trillion national debt and increasing every day! What can be done to correct this? Maybe the USA should just go broke, broke, broke.

Now, I'm reading that the Federal Reserve may consider another stimulus.

They have already lowered the "prime interest" rate so low that our IRA's we saved for retirement pay such a minuscule rate of return, we may have to go on welfare in the future. Don't tell me to invest in the stock market.

Our lack of enforcement of our immigration laws is a national crime.

I will not support any Latino business that I suspect might be operated by some one in my country illegally.

Does anyone have any rational answers to my complaints?

Robert E. Gifford

Rapid River



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