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Benishek not against Medicare

August 31, 2012
Daily Press


Ms. Julie Nelson, your recent letter to the editor in the Daily Press regarding Dan Benishek and Medicare is inaccurate. You sound like a skilled and caring nurse. Someone has misinformed you or is using your compassionate spirit to lead you in the wrong direction. Because of Obamacare, it is good that we are now having a discussion about this topic, but the solutions we are about to have forced upon us (Obamacare) are not good ones. Many other health care options for those who need them, have been proposed, but they have not seen the light of day, because the main stream media will not share them, and conservatives are generally terrible at communicating their messages.

Rep. Dan Benishek has never, never proposed or wanted to cut Medicare, but has only wanted to preserve it in a form that is sustainable for everyone. He does not hate old people! Please call his D.C. office and ask for the facts. 1-202-225-4735 His assistant, Ashley, is an expert on this law, ask for her.

Obamacare coming your way will destroy your ability to care for the elderly and all patients with a $700 plus billion cut in Medicare reimbursements to hospitals, care facilities, and physicians with those funds as I understand it, being soon directed toward helping the currently uninsured. How, we don't know. Obama Care is front-loaded with a few "goodies" and "freebies" that have caught most people's attention in an effort to sell the law. Someone still has to pay for those things or lose something in the end.

If our new health care law was really about providing good health care for everyone, then why, two and one half years later, are your patients in distress? Why are the working poor still without coverage that they can afford? Why are small business people struggling to pay higher personal premiums with large deductibles? Why are medical costs still going up at unprecedented rates? What has the President done to make good on his promise that passing this law would help those you speak of?

If you want to read the Health Care Law, call me. I have a copy, but I find it almost impossible to make any sense of anything written in it. What it doesn't spell out, yet, is of more importance. With Obamacare a board of 15 people, appointed by the President will make all of the decisions. How and what care will be distributed and implement is not decided in the law, but subject to the later "discretion" of the board, for all of us. When was the last time the federal government ran any program effectively and efficiently - especially with 15 people?

I believe that if Americans had direct information about care and costs, and took their share of personal responsibility to make informed choices, and if local entities set up some options for those in true need, care would improve and costs would not be rising at such a high rate. I feel that my personal medical care choices are in jeopardy and that I may end up lost in the "big pot" of government run health care, as well. I do not want it. We must have serious discussions, with facts in hand.

I encourage you to go to the sources and get the information you need to decide, wisely, what you want the future course for America and its health care system to be.

Kathie Scott




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