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Keep Wednesdays open for religious education

August 31, 2012
Daily Press


I already had this letter written when I got a call from a parent letting me know that their child has football games scheduled on four Wednesday nights in September, but I decided to send the letter anyway.

This letter goes out to all coaches, of all sports, of all age groups. Wednesday night has been a night dedicated to religious education for many, many years. It has been a spoken and unwritten understanding to keep this night clear of school activities. With society yelling out, "there is no sin - do what you want" makes it very hard on our children and their parents.

As a coach, if you are concerned about the children, as you should be, you should be concerned about their whole being. Not just physical, but spiritual as well, as you should be about yourself. To be well rounded you need God in your life. Our children need to learn about their faith.

I am asking all of you when you do your scheduling, to please let the children off early on Wednesday nights. We start our classes by 6:15 p.m. and it will include the high school youth in a couple of years. Please don't punish the kids if they leave a practice to go to religious ed classes. Please don't make the kids choose between their sport and their faith. They do choose the sport, but I think we all lose a little bit when that kind of decision has to be made. Don't let these early precious years slip by without a thought to their soul.

Parents, we need to speak up. If just one would speak up, I think the others would follow. Some people have a hard time to speak up and need a leader. Would you be the leader?

Cathy Flagstadt

Religious Ed Coordinator



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