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Response to middle class letter

August 29, 2012
Daily Press


This is in response to Vicki Shirly (Is That Middle Class Aug 15). Vicki, you are misrepresenting what Mr. Dufresne said in his article.

He did not say that the middle class is those earning over $200,000 single and $250,000 per couple. What he said is that the White House has promised that nobody making under $200,000 single and $250,000 couple will see an increase in their taxes.

I tend to agree with Mr. Dufresne in that I believe this is a bunch of malarky. Its already been ruled a tax by the Supreme Court and to date there are 21 new taxes scheduled to be instituted by the "Affordable Care Act." Five of these taxes will begin in 2013, conveniently after the election. Even getting a tan is taxed.

Are you going to tell me that only people that make over $200,000 go to the tanning salons? What about the 3 percent sales tax on homes? That's in there too.

In short the ACA is not quite as affordable as you might think.

John Van Effen

Corpus Christi



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