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Remember what Republicans have done

August 28, 2012
Daily Press


When President Bill Clinton left office, the budget was balanced and the government was paying down the national debt. The Republicans couldn't stand that so George W. Bush gave big tax cuts to the rich and corporations. He then got the U.S. into a foolish and expensive war with Iraq, supposedly because Iraq had weapons of mass destruction and might attack the U.S. None were ever found.

War makes money for companies furnishing war materials and you can bet they all vote Republican.

When George W. Bush was president the economy went down the whole time he was president. Not until Barack Obama became president did the economy begin to improve. Now Republicans complain that the economy is not improving fast enough. The trouble is a lot of our manufacturing is done in other countries now.

The middle class in this country can't remember anything more than a day or two. I wonder how many can remember that the first thing Governor Snyder did when he became governor was to put a tax on worker's pensions so he could give corporations a tax cut. Republicans know that the middle class promptly forgets anything the Republicans do to them.

You people that buy foreign cars are helping the economy of the foreign country. The foreign car maker makes cars here because he makes a profit on the cars he makes here. This profit money goes back to the foreign country. You people that bought foreign cars during the height of the recession should have had your butts kicked.

The money made by domestic car makers stays in this country.

William R. Sundling




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