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Senators are big spenders

August 23, 2012
Daily Press


I have a few comments about our big spending senators from the great state of Michigan. Friends, we have two of the biggest spenders in the U.S. Senate. Mr. Levin is in second place and Ms. Stabenow is not too far behind in the spending race. Ms. Stabenow is running for re-election this November. Besides voting for big spending bills, she also wants to bring back the Fairness Doctrine. This was designed to give different views equal time on radio and TV. However, it was thrown out in 1987, as it was not too fair. But because talk radio with Rush and Sean is so popular, Ms. Stabenow wants to change the viewing habits of the American people. There might be a bit of conflict of interest in her backing of the Fairness Doctrine. Her husband, Tom Athans, has been involved in liberal radio for years and is presently Executive Vice President of Air America. But Ms. Stabenow just wants to be fair.

Old Carl has been in the U.S. Senate since 1979 and he has been on the Senate Armed Forces Committee from that time to the present. He is so proud to tell us that he is the chairman of that committee. During his time on this committee, Michigan has lost two big air bases: Wurtsmith near Oscoda in 1993 and K.I. Sawyer in 1995. At the present time, Selfridge Air Base near Detroit is in the process of being closed. Usually a committee chairman has a lot of clout, but Mr. Levin has been blasted for failing to take a stand against the base closing. I would like to hear Mr. Levin's response.

My last comments concern the actions that Mr. Obama is taking to bring down our country. In his thinking there is nothing special about our country as it is just one of about 189 countries. Mr. Obama said that his presidency would be the most transparent, but he was just fooling. Everything about his record is sealed. One man who was a student at Columbia when Mr. Obama was supposed to have attended, asked each of his fellow students if anyone had any knowledge of Mr. Obama being at Columbia. Not one of about 400 who were in the same school that Mr. Obama was supposed to be in, had any knowledge of his being there. This is a bit strange, but Mr. Obama could clear it up by releasing his grades.

In this election campaign, Mr. Obama and his Chicago Gang are giving us a good picture of how Chicago operates. His helpers are down in the gutter of befits the Chicago way. Accusing Mr. Romney of being responsible for a woman dying of cancer is about as sick as you can get. The lie has been debunked but it took away from talking about Mr. Obama's horrible record while in the White House.

This tactic is very simple: tell a big fat lie about the opponent, that person has to go on the defense, and valuable campaign time is wasted. Mr. Obama has used this tactic in all of his campaigns in Illinois. Since it worked there, why not use on the national scene?

James Hirn




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