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Nurse’s letter was inaccurate

August 23, 2012
Daily Press


A recent letter from Michigan Nurses Association member, Julie Nelson, criticizes Dr. Dan Benishek for supporting Paul Ryan's plan to save Medicare. Ms. Nelson obviously believes that Mr. Benishek, as a highly educated physician serving the general public, has made an error in judgement and is only protecting the "millionaires who should be paying their fair share," rather than an involved citizen expressing a qualified opinion that differs from hers. In addition, Ms. Nelson is inaccurate in that no one advocates ending Medicare, no one is advocating to force change to Medicare for any recipients or anyone 55 or older and there is no proof that the premium assistance/voucher program will cost more since competition in the marketplace for Medicare D resulted in a 43 percent reduction in cost to the government from the projected cost. Current recipients will actually now benefit by having a choice between traditional Medicare and the premium assistance plan offered under Ryan's plan. Furthermore, Ms. Nelson should never have assumed that she is the spokesperson for all the other nurses because I personally know that is not true.

As a senior citizen under Medicare, I am very upset about the $716 billion that President Obama has stripped from Medicare, thereby assuring its demise, to pay for the Affordable Care Act which allows 15 unelected officials to determine what medical services will be cut.

Perhaps Ms. Nelson is unaware of this "minor" concern that I, and many others, would like defined in terms that we can understand.

The nation and voting public does need, and deserves, an open debate not only on ObamaCare (Affordable Care Act), but also about the trillion dollar plus yearly deficits that are forecast for the foreseeable future, the mushrooming growth of the social programs where one in seven citizens is now on food stamps, and the drastic cuts being proposed for our military forces.

We need these debates without the race baiting and name calling that our President has reverted to.

We elect a president to be a problem solver, not a whiner about what he inherited.

Paul Neumeier




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