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When did it become okay to lie?

August 20, 2012
Daily Press


When did it become okay to lie? Sometime in the past 50 years, lying became something that "everybody does." I was taught that lying was wrong. Then, a few years ago, if you lied, you just had to apologize, get on TV and shed some tears and all was forgiven.

Fast forward to today. The Department of Justice sends out a letter regarding the Fast and Furious gun sale and states that the "Department of Justice knew nothing about it. Eight months later, when it is proven that they lied, they had to "walk it back." Walk it back? The lie is right there in black and white. Obama's ad about Romney killing the guy's wife, you know the steel mill guy? The Obama campaign stated that they did not know about the ad, or the story. When it surfaced that the campaign actually interviewed the guy, they had to "walk it back." The famous story about George Washington chopping down the cherry tree, you know, "I cannot tell a lie," Well, now you can George. Just "walk it back."

Tom Grant




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