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People start businesses, not government

August 8, 2012
Daily Press


This letter is in response to the stupid remark our President Obama said about not starting a business on your own power.

Here is a short story about my granddad. He was born in Munick, Germany, 1892. He served in the German Army in World War I. In the middle years of 1920-1930, Germany was in a political unrest with a lot of different parties wanting power. At that time, all young men had to join one of them. The German Army, the Red Army, the Communist Party and Hitler was getting a good foothold.

Granddad didn't want to serve with any of them. There is a lot to this story, but the short of it, he had to leave Germany, his hometown he loved. He left in 1928 and had to leave his family behind. He came to Milwaukee, Wis., at the time a lot of German people settled there. Got a job at a furnace shop. In 1930 he sent for his family another story of its own. They came to Escanaba, got a job at the Delta Hardware store as a furnace man. He worked there for a while and decided to go on his own.

Instead of having help from anyone, he had strikes against him. He had to learn the English language, was a German and at that time, Germans were not well liked, he knew all this and started anyway.

He rented a building from the Bichler family and started out by installing Furblow furnaces. He did well, gave the customers a good and honest job. His business was doing good. He treated his men with respect and a good wage. Friday night was payday and every Friday night, he took his men to the Bay de Noc Tavern at the end of Ludington Street for a few beers, just to unwind from a hard week's work. His shop was growing, had 14 men working. May 1949 he died from a heart attack at the age of 57.

It's hard to know how big his business could have grown.

Some of you older folks might remember him at Gehringers Heating Service on the corner of Ludington and 5th Street.

So President Obama, don't tell me people need government or anyone to help to start a business. All it takes is hard work, long hours, guts and determination.

Arnie Anderson




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