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Nurses voice their opinion

August 2, 2012
Daily Press


On Saturday, July 28, we attended a continuing education program for nurses at NMU sponsored by MNA- Michigan Nurses Association.

We were both contacted before the meeting and asked if we would like to be interviewed. It was against Congressman Benisheck and implied that he was trying to "destroy" Medicare.

We both stated we supported Congressman Benisheck and support his efforts to reduce spending and regulation and repeal Obamacare. We were then told that we would not be allowed to voice our opinion in the interview.

A group picture was taken in front of a large sign against Benisheck. We had our signs supporting Benisheck and Romney and at first were not allowed to be in the picture. Then, they took two pictures, one with us and one without. Which picture will show up in the media? How fair is this? We are members of the MNA but do not support their politics and it should be pointed out that not all members agree with their liberal union picks for political offices. Our voices should be heard too!

We believe Dan Benisheck will vote to cut federal spending and reduce the deficit. He believes in capitalism, reducing federal red tape and regulations, and supports the repeal of Obamacare, which will be a massive new tax on business and middle class and further reduce any improvement in the economy. I cannot imagine the mess that will happen if 35 million more people are on Medicaid! (Estimates by Heritage Foundation if Obamacare goes thru). So please, get yourself educated before you vote. Don't believe everything the union tells you, not everyone buys their propaganda.

Cindy Cartwright

and Judy Hansen




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