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Wake up America

July 25, 2012
Daily Press


Is signing an "International Gun Control Treaty" an act of treason when that treaty destroys America's sovereignty?

Heard of the "Convention against Illicit Firearms Trafficking in the America's", CIFTA? Know Holders/Obama's actual body count from fast and furious? Heard the UN developed a "Universal Gun Control Treaty" that'll allow it to ban any/all arms within participating Nations?

Know about Obama's intent to eliminate private gun ownership in America?

Do the research and then answer these questions;

Should the UN, via Obama, ever have the power to ban American's private gun ownership, insuring Americas dependent upon the UN to protect us from our enemies?

Why did Obama enact "Marshall Law" during peace time other than providing himself "The Flexibility" to incarcerate and detain anyone he identifies as "An Enemy Of His Administration" without rights of due process being afforded them?

Why would Holder ask for, and Obama grant "executive privilege" to conceal fast and furious architects identities unless the death of agent Terry, 100's within Mexico and others in South American countries wasn't a covert operation to advance Obama's plans to outlaw private gun ownership in America?

Were fast and furious operations in fact covertly sanctioned by Obama to expand the number of "Privately Owned US Gun" used in cartel murders to assist the UN's attempts to enact a "International Gun Control Treaty" to ensure a civilian militia couldn't be mustard in America to defend America's freedoms and sovereignty against it's foreign/domestic enemies?

Why doesn't Obama and liberals want illegal aliens deported and positive voter identification required at all voting places other than promoting voter fraud to manipulate elections like Obama's "Project Vote" did in Illinois in 1992 and ACORN did for it's past legal counsel, Obama, in the 2008 elections?

Look beyond the puppet show America's enemies are putting on for us.

What gratuities will America's enemies receive for funding and supporting Obama's 2012 campaign if re-elected and given the flexibility he spoke of in South Korea?

Look at Obama's intentional attempts to financially destroy America from within by destroying America's work ethics via class warfare, taxpayers monies wasted on bailout/stimulus fiascos, green energy scams, increased unemployment via Obama's forcing industries overseas, increased taxes on middle class workers, free healthcare (Obamacare) for non-workers, and his vast increases to the welfare roles.

Wake-up America, the salvation or destruction of America rests on your vote in 2012.

Ray Wickstrom




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