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In response to ‘A Plan for the future’

July 24, 2012
Daily Press


Green energy is nothing more than a rip off of the American people. It is the calculated collusion of big government and alternative energy, using junk science and propaganda to scare the natives into supporting it. The equation is simple; the powers that be create and exaggerate a problem i.e. global warming. The flock begins to panic and opens their checkbooks, while big government creates a solution, which always involves massive amounts of your money going into their pockets and their friend's pockets. Protecting our planet is the righteous path, not hooking up your buddies with taxpayer's money.

Solyndra, a large donor to the Obama Administration, received over $500 million in loans and then filed for bankruptcy while laying off over 1,100 employees which are now suing the company. Abound Solar received a $400 million loan, and then filed for bankruptcy. A123 Solar received $279 million in loans, and you guessed it, they filed for bankruptcy. Evergreen Solar received over $500 million in loans, and guess what? They also filed for bankruptcy. I don't want to sound like a broken record, but the list goes on and on, with the grand total ringing up to a staggering $10 billion. Money well spent wouldn't you say?

I hate to break up the collective high that some are still experiencing about Barrack Obama, or the idea of government as a problem solver in general, but I can quite assure you that the hangover is coming. My friends, do not be fooled by the media circus and campaign illusions. History will show Obama as nothing more than a cult of personality, sold to his followers by a squabbling news media, and his supporters as people pursuing their basic needs as mob creatures to belong to the popular pack. This man masquerading as our tax funded messiah is nothing more than a false prophet, who may I remind you still takes your money, still bails out the super-rich, and still murders children with drones in the Middle East. Yes this planet we live on must be taken care of, but when the president says the health of our planet is a priority, but yet he oversees the Department of Defense, which is the largest polluter in the world, the hypocrisy is almost nauseating.

Zach Pelletier




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