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Legislation with a friendly name

July 23, 2012
Daily Press


A recent letter by Kevin Chown takes our state rep. to task about what is in or not in the so-called Affordable Health Care law. Evidently Kevin has an inside track on this piece of legislation that not many know much about.

One reason people are lacking an understanding of this lengthy bill is that it is over 2,500 pages. As one Supreme Court Justice stated, "Forcing a person to read the bill would be cruel and unusual punishment." One thing politicians, usually Democrats, do is to give a piece of legislation a nice friendly name. So we have the so-called Affordable Care Act. But already the Health and Human Services people have added 13,000 pages of rules and there will be more. There will be over 16,500 new IRS workers to collect, examine, and audit tax returns. Where will the money come from to pay these people as we are deeply in debt and borrowing 40 cents for every dollar we spend?

Also, there will be at least 180 new boards, commissions, and bureaus. The people working in these offices will have to be paid also.

So, the more one looks at the Affordable Care Act, it seems to get less affordable. But just to make you feel good that our national government is looking after you, Obamacare states 1,563 times that the Secretary of Health and Human Services shall determine. Gosh, the more I read and hear about the Affordable Care Act, the better I feel. Unfortunately the middle class people will pay higher taxes. But Mr. Obama has our best interest at heart, so we will have to forgive him for breaking his promise not to raise taxes on the middle class.

Concerning the job picture, Mr. Obama states that he has added 4 million jobs. That might seem like a huge number, but a closer look will dispel that bit of nonsense.

Mr. O has been in office 42 months. So dividing 4 million by 42 gives us about 95,000 jobs per month. But to get below the 8 percent unemployed, figure he would have to average 220,000 a month. He is a long way from that figure.

To close this letter, I will cite a pearl of wisdom from Thomas Sowell, an economist. "For a long time, Democrats have gone to Washington to win at all costs, while too many Republicans went to Washington to compromise with Democrats. The rise of the Tea Party may change that."

James Hirn




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