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The violence of government

July 19, 2012
Daily Press


My friends, we live in dangerous times, where government coercion is the norm and military and police violence is a way of life and acceptable just because the man on TV says it is. Elected officials masquerade as higher beings possessing superior intellect and have no qualms about blowing up a village in Pakistan to kill one guy who was never there to begin with, but who cares because they aren't Americans right? We have presidential candidates who were willing to bomb entire civilizations back to the Stone Age because their invisible man is different from each other's. You really want those people to have the nuclear codes? I don't know about the rest of you, but I have no need or want for any of this pompous royalty in Washington to tell me how to live my life, what is right and wrong, or how to use the money that they already take too much of and spend on things I don't agree with.

The controversial individual mandate of Obamacare requiring all American's to purchase health insurance or face a tax is the last straw. Very simply it's the government forcing you to buy something under the threat of a fine. If that sentence didn't make you uncomfortable, it should.

A threat is a perception of punishment by those in which it's issued upon. For a threat to be taken seriously, some form of violence will have to also be perceived by the victim. In a sense the individual mandate is a violent act by the state upon its people.

In reality all governments derive their power from the use or perceived use of force in varying degrees against its citizens in order to insure compliance with policy. "Don't pay the fine? Then you go to jail because we know what's best for you." "Disagree with drone attacks that kill children in the Middle East every single day while Barrack Obama's Nobel Peace Prize sits idly gleaming on his mantle? Too bad! Pay for it!" Would anyone be so blissfully ignorant if in the opposite situation? I think not.

So how much longer will we let violence be committed in our name and upon us because of some politician's delusions of grandeur?

How many more boys will never come home because "Democracy" must succeed in the Middle East and it's just not good political timing to pull out of Afghanistan immediately? Can millions of people really believe that without a massively overfunded government nothing would get done? That's like saying if no one is around to make me a sandwich then where will it come from? None of us signed a contract upon emerging from the womb promising to keep writing blank checks over and over again to an entity that violates the very document that breathes life into our liberty, the constitution.

Yet we sit at home and watch Obamacare, the National Defense Authorization Act, the Patriot Act, and the Defense of Marriage Act be discussed with serious faces when it's all nothing more than Statist garbage and gross power grabbing by a monolithic government that now knows no bounds. Everyday I see America fading, and if you listen, you can almost hear Thomas Jefferson rolling in his grave.

Zachary Pelletier




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