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Agenda 21:

Nothing but conspiracy fodder

July 13, 2012
Daily Press

ESCANABA - In its origin, Agenda 21, a 300 page document that came out of the United Nations Conference on Environment and Development in Rio de Janerio, Brazil in 1992, was a non-binding and voluntarily implemented action plan related to sustainable development.

It is a document that calls for human reduction and an end to national sovereignty, placing control over all in the hands of a global government.

Agenda 21 is by design a plan for the destruction of democracy and a grab for absolute power by the United Nations, an entity itself fighting for survival.

Since being introduced 20 years ago, there has been little success in implementing the program. However, current government is being scrutinized for being complacent, seeming to endorse all aspects of Agenda 21.

In fact our federal government did endorse Agenda 21, with support introduced in 1992 by Nancy Pelosi, US Representative from California, and shortly thereafter by then President George Bush.

Perhaps they thought the project was intended to save the planet with all the focus on sustainable development, but in reality it seems more to have been a document contrived for the purpose of government thinking for us, and taking away our basic rights and quality of life.

In June 2012, Rio+20 (the name given to the latest UN Conference), reconvened to revitalize Agenda 21 but it appears to have failed miserably.

One commentary stated that, "Poor countries are slowly catching on that these UN events are little more than neo-colonist, eco-imperialist schemes to control and restrict economic development - and poor families are beginning to realize they won't get a dime from these sustainable pledges or derive any tangible benefits from the green schemes."

What has happened in the last twenty years is that environmental awareness has been enhanced, seeking improved management techniques with better science, most of which plays away from the direction sought by the writers of Agenda 21.

The world today is a better place ecologically. The problems we are now facing, more than anything, seem to be originating in part as a result of going to a global economy.

Unfortunately, there are philosophies and practices today that in some ways can compare to parts of Agenda 21 and that has the conspiracy theorists working overtime.

Terms like eco-system management, bio-diversity, natural sustainability fit into some of the descriptions used in Agenda 21. Those who suspect complicity of state government raise suspicion that those in charge are part of the evil plan.

The fact is, while we understand the guts of Agenda 21 are in essence a new world order, those I've listened to in trying to understand what these new trends are meant to accomplish have never explored the contents of Agenda 21.

I can think of one example using eco-system management as the topic.

While on a field trip sponsored by a local timber producer, those attending listened as a wildlife biologist explained that they used to think about habitat management in relation to specific species.

Through the years they grew to learn that if the eco-chain is broken, the success rate of single species management is lessened. Consideration of everything from crustacean (the bugs in logs) to the fur bearer (big game species) must remain part of their plan in order to work.

Those who question eco-system logic feel it does more to rid management of game species and more to attend the wants of the animal rights activists.

The result is that wildlife is doing okay, except where nature changes course with drought, severe winters and/or any other anomaly that man has no control over.

Another example is natural sustainability.

Several years ago, Michigan was forced to adopt a forest certification program. The action came from Time/Warner, the second largest consumer of print paper in the nation.

At the time, they indicated they would no longer buy wood product (print paper) from any source that does not follow a natural sustainability certification program. It includes small percentage areas of old growth, natural and riparian areas and natural features.

The fact is and remains more trees have been planted than have been harvested. Forest management answers to all who own public land, not just those who hunt it or trap in it. More emphasis on areas of enhancement, such as wildlife openings and varied habitat species that serve overlapping forms of wildlife are now in play and expanding.

Those who question its validity feel it is another restriction initiated by anti-conservation factions to restrict use and enjoyment by the public.

While Agenda 21 appears to me as being nothing better than a disease experiment in a petri dish, the conspiracy theorists continue to use it and compare it out of context to some current natural resources management science philosophies not for the purpose of resolve, but more to find out what bothers you and then scare the hell out of you with it.


Tim Kobasic is the outdoors editor for KMB Broadcasting and host/producer for Tails & Trails Outdoor Radio, aired on six radio stations over three networks, Charter Communications cable and the Internet on Saturday mornings.



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