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Hoping for a change

June 30, 2012
Daily Press


How did we ever get this corrupt? Buying a government, but then again America has the best of whatever money can buy, justice, healthcare, politicians, police, and almost anything you can imagine.

I never ever thought the Supreme Court of the United States could be bought, wrong.

I sure hope our country will see what's wrong and correct it. I've always had a dislike of the English royalty. I have changed my mind on that. Even the royalty has a sense of country and serve in the armed forces.

Not here in the good 'ol USA. We even buy our warriors to fight our battles, our volunteer army, those hoping to live through battle so they can earn a college education, while sons and daughters of politicians and the rich never risk anything. How in the world can't our country see the injustice in this? Hoping for a change, someone with eyes wide open.

Robert Archambeau

Cape Coral



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