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Take a look at the record

June 28, 2012
Daily Press


1. Illinois 1992 "Project Vote"; attorney Obama, ACORN's voter registration fraud/illegal votes cast.

2. Obama's connections, via PV, to Migual Del Valle via Lou Pardo and fraudulent illegal Hispanic voter registrations in Illinois.

3. Obama's Attorney General Holder outlawing "Positive Voter Identification" at the polls, implementation of open voter fraud nation wide.

4. Attorney Obama's connection to Buycks-Robinson -v- Citibank, Illinois 1994, regarding sub-prime housing loans for unqualified inner city minorities, ending in 1998 when Citibank settled, cutting it's losses as ACORN was subsidizing attorney's with Federal Funds. Fannie, Freddie, ACORN Housing, toxic sub-prime home loans, economic crash.

5. Obama's connections to Shore Bank and Urban Partnership Bank via Howard Stanback via the radical Wood Fund directors board and Bill Ayers.

6. The Clintons connections to SB and UPB.

7. Wall Street elitists, "Major Investors", in UPB after Obama's bailout of and SB's bankruptcy.

8. Stanley Ann Dunham's connections to Obama and SB via Mary Houghton.

9. Tim Giethner's father, the Ford Foundations micro lending projects for all of Asia, Giethner/Dunham connection via her Indonesian micro lending projects.

10. UPB's micro lending projects world wide, green energy projects, urban minority housing/heathcare projects, and UPB's involvement in procurement/sales of carbon credits.

11. Obama, Stupak's connection to Cap & Trade, Al Gores fraudulent "Climate Change" claims which C&T was based upon, their connections to businesses like Terrapas who has environmental monitoring sites in 21 states already and developed a "Carbon Offset" cost table, aka "Carbon Taxes" you'll pay to government for your daily environmental emissions.

12. Terrapas's (green energy companies) connections to carbon credit procurement/sales entities within UPB, various other US banks, European carbon traders, and the World Bank.

13. Obama's connection to Quentin Young, Timuel Black, Arnold Jacob Wolf, George Sorros, Hugo Chavez, and other members/sympathizers of the U.S./World "Communist Parties", "New America Movement", the U.S. and world "Democratic Socialist Parties" and other Socialist, Communist and Marxist subversive groups.

14. Obama's self-proclaimed connections to Chicago's drug dealers, the El Rukn's; who controlled the drugs in Chicago, an anti American Islamic terrorist group founded by Jeff Forte, a Chicago "community organizer" who received/diverted federal funds from inner city uplifting projects to finance drug/criminal activities of the El Rukn's and the Moorish Science Temple of America.

15. Research Jeff Forte's connection to Kaddafi and his brokering for millions to kill U.S. politicians/government officials and commit terrorist acts within the US.

16. Research Barrack Obama's, Michelle Robinson Obama's, and Jeremiah Wright's connection to Cedric J. Robinson preachings and the "Black Movement in America".

Do the research!

Ray Wickstrom




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