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U.P. residents want to work

June 27, 2012
Daily Press


In his June 13th statement in the Daily Press, Congressman Benishek states, "People don't want to work." I'd sure like to know where and how he got that information that would support that statement. That's a slap in the face of the hardworking people of the First Congressional District!

With regards to his statement that they don't have the right skill set to work, I'm confused as to what he means. There are many highly skilled people in his district, and many more in training programs to upgrade their work skills and to hopefully become gainfully employed.

His statement about people not looking for work is another blatant slap in the face of working people. Has Mr. Benishek ever had to live on unemployment benefits? He should give it a try, making mortgage payments, the high cost of groceries, gasoline and heating costs, while raising a family. I've been there more than once, and I'll take working over unemployment benefits.

Mr. Benishek also states problems with the EPA and OSHA. Before he sides with business owners and employers against these agencies that protect workers, he should check the safety violations and compliance violations of these complainers. As a worker in the construction and heavy equipment manufacturing industries for over 20 years, and a long time as a business owner in manufacturing, I never experience that he says is constantly occurring.

Bill Charon




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