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Government goes too far

June 9, 2012
Daily Press


Have some of us lost our minds?

New York Mayor Bloomberg has proposed an ordinance to ban soft drinks larger than 16 ounces. He says it will cut down on obesity. So instead of buying a 2 liter, I'll just buy four 16 ouncers. This is the same mayor who has limited salt in restaurants, banned trans-fat, and stopped any smoking in any outside city area. That kind of limits the area you can smoke in. All of these things are probably good things, but why is the government telling us what to do? What to eat, drink. You have to get approval from New York City to donate food to a homeless shelter or soup kitchen. That way the city can monitor the salt and fat content in the food. As a friend of mine would say "Shut Up"! So the homeless guy who is hungry may go hungry because the food isn't up to "Big Brother's" standards. Someone needs to stand up and say no.

For those of you who have forgotten your history. the Founding Fathers of this country did not choose to be spectacular. They were normal men like you and me. But they were special. Actually, some of our greatest leaders have been reluctant leaders. They were reluctant to lead. They were strong in conviction and when things went too far, they took action to stop the over-reaching government - England. This country was founded on the premise of freedom and liberty. You remember "give me liberty or give me death."

What has happened to us? Today, its New York City, or San Francisco, tomorrow, Detroit, Grand Rapids? And if they can get away with it there, it becomes a law here in the U.P. Wake up and say enough. This used to be the land of the free and home of the brave. Now we have become the land of the freebie handout and home of the cowards. We are afraid to rock the boat. We are worried about what others will think.

Half of the people who read this won't have a clue what I am talking about. It only takes a few.

Tom Grant




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