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Who will solve the nation’s problems?

June 8, 2012
Daily Press

Letter written to President Barack Obama.

- - -

Like all incoming presidents, you inherited some problems, solved some, and also created some new ones, in the eyes of some.

Our national problems are many: Economic - job loss as a result of many manufacturers shipping their "Blue Collar" jobs to China, which must stop; our national debt rising to over $15 trillion and increasing each and every day; social with the advancement of same sex marriage, along with the elimination of "don't ask, don't tell" in our Armed Forces; becoming more each day of "Godless society" with Islam wanting to come into our country and change us to "Sharia Law"; growing number of illegal immigrants in our country because the federal government won't enforce our immigration laws, even though we tell the world that we are a nation of laws, which is why I support Arizona's legislation to enforce the federal law on immigration; the federal government's highly questionable solutions to grow our GDP in the housing industry, through Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac seducing Americans to purchase residences far beyond their financial means, including the IRS which permits the write off of up to $1 million of mortgage interest, which is downright ridiculous and bordering on outright stupidity; telling Americans that they must spend more to make the economy grow, which implies: save less; not making English our required language and allowing the tail to wag the dog, so to speak, requiring many retail products to have instructions printed in both English and Spanish increasing the cost to us, the consumers; the USA wanting to control and dominate the world through its military as Senator Levin said in his recent letter: "the new guidance places emphasis on potentially growing strategic challenges in the Asia-Pacific region, but intends to do so without ignoring the enduring challenges of the Middle East." One can only infer Senator Levin was referring to China.

Who is going to attempt to solve some of these serious problems? We need people with rational, common sense!

Who is going to seek solutions to solve our national debt? Reducing expenses is only one part of the solution. Taxes must be increased.

Will the USA go down the same path as Greece and other European countries: bankruptcy? Maybe like the Roman and British Empires.

Free market economy sounds great, along with small government and low taxes, but does such always fit the needs of the majority of Americans?

PS: It's long past the time to return all of our military from over the world or go to a world government and military.

Robert E. Gifford

Rapid River



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