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School needs more custodians

June 7, 2012
Daily Press


With the completion of construction at the Ecanaba High School making it 25,500 square feet larger at a cost of approximately $17 million, I was hoping for at least ane additional custodian to be hired. But administration is proposing to privatize again. By privatizing the community also loses. They will no longer have the trust and confidence of their local custodians. Tax dollars are leaving the area. Some community support will be lost. Enrollment will be down. My grandaughter will be attending either the Gladstone or Bark River School District. Every year they threaten us with this. After all the cuts we took last year why can't they leave us alone. Start at the top that is where all the dollars are and that is where the unnecessary positions are.

We have been working with a skeleton crew for quite a number of years already. Right now we are alternating every other day cleaning routines. It does not work. We are being asked to do the impossible. At the high school there are only four custodians to clean the entire building. When we are pulled away from our regular schedule to fix lockers, cut grass, clean up blood, move furniture and the other unexpected needs that occur in a normal school day, our scheduled cleaning does not get done.

We need fewer people telling us what to do, just let us do our jobs. We know what to do , give us the people to do it. The students and teachers deserve a clean classroom and building.

I would like to thank the students and staff for understanding our situation and for all the help they give us. I would like to apologize to the students, staff and the taxpayers for not being able to keep your school as clean as it should be.

Sharon Hentz


Escanaba High School




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