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Think before voting in November

May 31, 2012
Daily Press


It is quite obvious that the upcoming presidential election in November is a very important one. Not that all elections are less important, but we have two candidates running for the office of President that have totally different beliefs in what direction our country should follow.

During the past three years, President Obama has shown us that he is extremely liberal by the way he handles foreign affairs, economic policies and religious freedom. This really should not be a surprise to us because if we delve into his past activities (those he will allow us to know about), it is apparent that he definitely leans toward a socialistic society.

Yes, President Obama is well educated, however, he has no experience in foreign affairs and economics. To our knowledge, he has never even run a lemonaide stand.

Governor Romney, on the other hand, has served as governor of Massachusetts and has worked in the business world for several years and has had great success. Governor Romney is in favor of religious freedom and respects life from it's conception to it's end - leaving both in the Creator's hands. He also believes that marriage can only be defined between a man and a woman.

Yes, President Obama and Governor Romney are both family orientated men and are nice people, but strongly disagree in what direction our country should follow.

Please give great thought when you enter the voting booth in November. Which candidate is really qualified to lead us out of debt, earn the respect and allegiance of other countries, keep our religious freedom and uphold our Constitution?

The decision is yours.

Karen Ann Grzywacz




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