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Obama, Levin not tending to business

May 22, 2012
Daily Press


J.P. Morgan is making headlines lately because they lost $2 billion. So Senator Levin and Obama have been making comments on the need for more legislation to control our financial institutions. They support the Volcker rule and Dodd-Frank legislation.

Senator Levin and his Democratic senators have not passed a budget in 3.5 years. This lack of management and lack of fulfillment of their duties shows their inability to manage and govern.

The "pothole" in the White House is probably one of the most incompetent inept managers of all time. He has had losses of over $1 trillion every year. His choice of Solyndra and Light Squared and other solar energy companies with taxpayer dollars has been a disaster.

He submitted an amateurish phony budget to the Congress. It was defeated 414-0. Not even one Democrat voted for it.

The credit rating of the U.S. government has been down graded on his watch.

We the taxpayers are paying his salary. He is not tending to business. All he does is campaign. If he were a CEO in the private sector he would be fired. God bless America

Richard Dufresne




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