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Media goes too far

May 18, 2012
Daily Press


The networks' programming opens the door to an irresponsible total lack of privacy. Just because you can, do you have to say it? It is ongoing, having nothing to do with presidential elections or any other event. More and more, respectable "barriers" are broken down, for the average citizen to be subjected to.

Usually uninteresting topics are not of interest. That is, until there is a Presidential Election. Then all hell breaks loose! We have thrust in our faces the abortion issue (the last election); the "gay issue," this election; the high school prank issue (this election); or anything else that can draw our attention from what matters most, to what is the most ridiculous.

We are taught I believe, in social studies class, that along with freedom of speech comes a responsibility in what is printed, or in our present day, spoken. It isn't freedom to just "let it all hang out." That 60s attitude has taken its toll in this country, ultimately bringing any sense of respectability to a new low.

Many retired seniors have more time to watch news and its discourse. Fine, but why don't the networks just stick with the "normal," whatever that is, instead of cramming down our throats every word spoken; every step taken; every closeted secret, every scandalous scenario imaginable. Do we really have to know everything about nothing?

Hopefully, our stomachs will survive another septic election and we can all enjoy our upcoming summer season with its fresh air and beautiful sunrises and sunsets.

We do deserve some normalcy in life.

Mary Snyder

Ford River



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