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Light verses heat

May 3, 2012
Daily Press


On April 12th a specious letter, filled with conjecture and angst written by Mr. James Hirn, appeared in this paper. Let me attempt light where there was heat! The Supreme Court will render a decision in June, on what the right wing calls (Obamacare)! A few questions Mr. Hirn? The "guiding light" justices, would they be Roberts, Scalia, Alitto, and the (silent one for 6 years) Thomas? The so called swing vote Justice Kennedy, if he votes with this group would he be knighted a "guiding light" justice also? Justice Kennedy was the swing vote in the infamous "Citizens United" case that now allows Mitt Romney in one of his few factual statements to say "corporations are people, my friend!" I am guessing that Mr. Hirn wants Elena Kagan to rescue herself from this case, as it was Obama "who got her on the bench!" No president gets anyone to the Supreme Court without the advice and consent of the senate. Kagan was confirmed by 63 to 37 vote.

Why would any president, running for reelection want higher gasoline prices? Even the blowviators at Fox concede how little influence over gasoline prices any president has. They made this case quite vociferously when W. held that office! Mr. Hirn rails on about Obama's other inadequacies, his (stupid) argument over the amount of domestic oil we have and the amount we use.

He hints at Obama's European Socialist agenda, how Obama takes undue credit, and his delegation of the tough jobs to subordinates. The solar companies issue is very complex and requires a lot of research, I have spent many hours on the 5 companies Mr. Hirn mentioned in his letter Solyndra, Beacon, Evergreen, Spectra Watt, and A.E.S. For those interested, Google! If not let Mr. Hirn be your guide! Every U.S. source of energy-coal, oil, gas, corn ethanol etc. is subsidized from extraction upward!

Mr. Hirn seems to have somewhat of an interest in Georgetown law student Sandra Fluke's abundant sex life and extra curricular activities. Just call her what Rush Limbaugh did and have her post some internet videos! I am wondering if my health plan requires me to help pay for little blue pills that I hear are quite popular down in the Geriatric Junctions of Florida?

Mr. Hirn is disturbed about Obama's call to Travon Martin's parents, as he did not call the border agent or the ICE agent when they were killed and this is a valid point.

However the murder of a black unarmed teenager by a self styled armed vigilante in a neighborhood where he was visiting his father and his father's girlfriend caused an international outrage. I believe the president made the correct calls! Since the Mr. Hirn feels that Obama slighted Border Agent Terry and ICE Agent Zapata did he make any calls to their families, send any cards, money, flowers, etc.?

If he did, a tip of my hat, if not why not?

Jim Morrison

Garden Corners



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