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Response to Obama letter

May 2, 2012
Daily Press


In response to Mr. Orn (Quit Blaming President Obama. April 18, 2012) I would like to correct a few things.

First, there was a gun program under Bush that was deemed too risky because tracking was not working out and the program was stopped under Bush.

Second, this is not right wing extremists that are complaining about the so called "Affordable Health Care Act." This group includes independents that are upset. This bill was pushed down the throats of the American people against nearly a 70 percent voice against it. Now the Congressional Budget Office tells us that this monstrosity will not only not save money but will in fact cost the taxpayers in the neighborhood of $1.3 trillion. This was supposed to be deficit neutral. Remember?

Mr. Obama has increased the national debt through his over regulation and bailouts to the tune of $4.989 trillion in 3 years and 2 months. This is about .1 trillion more than Bush did in eight years. We can't afford another four years of this.

John Van Effen

Corpus Christi



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