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What does ‘Equality’ actually mean?

April 27, 2012
Daily Press


I just picked up a book of stamps at the Post Office and about every fifth stamp is a flag with the word "Equality" on it. What does "Equality" actually mean? According to Webster's Dictionary it means "a state of being equal in political, economic and social rights."

Does that mean that children should all be given a trophy whether they win or lose? On the news yesterday a little boy (9 years old) he and the "bully" were suspended from school because he fought back after being constantly bullied by this student and he had had enough. Is this "Equality?"

While watching the "Millionaire" show one of the answers to a question was "Bert married Ernie." I was stunned! Did you know this was happening on Sesame Street? I sure didn't! On the news this morning it said a high school in California is now recognizing a "D" as a passing grade because they set their standards too high. Is this "Equality?"

Do you know what a Bridge Card is? I just found out it is a card, like a credit card, that you get food stamp credit on so you are not singled out at the check out counter as being in "need" of food stamps. Does this mean you can buy anything you want on this Bridge Card? (Editor's note: Only food items can be purchased with a Bridge Card) Another example of "Equality?" "Equality" = Mediocrity. Why bother to work harder and start your own business when you will be taxed more and have more regulations to abide by - is it worth the trouble and headaches? Tax the rich. Tax the rich more when 50 percent of the population pay no taxes at all? And this number is going up all the time with the jobless claims going up and the housing market tanking-again.

Why bother to even try - "I'll never be rich." So I take what I can and give back nothing. "Equality" - Be careful what you vote for.

Rosemarie Hall




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