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Contraception and candidates

April 25, 2012
Daily Press


I try to vote for the candidate I believe will look out for the best interests of all the people of our nation. Not for just a select group of people. Why put aside the alleged ethical, and moral issues with pro-choice candidates. If there are any why not list them?

I believe most pro-choice, and pro-life candidates are equally in favor of a strong economy, more jobs, and are also against child abuse, and racism. The endless whining, and efforts to make abortions unlawful again will not solve the problem. Why not try to make sure everyone has access to contraceptives, and sex education so they know how to prevent an unwanted pregnancy to begin with. Numerous contraceptive devices and pills are available including the morning after pill that prevents conception. If you don't believe in these methods; there is celibacy, a vasectomy, or the tubes can be tied.

Some almost every time this subject is brought up African Americans are mentioned, and portrayed in a derogatory way. Racism? The decrease in Michigan's population is mostly caused by the loss of manufacturing jobs. People move out of state to where there are jobs. To blame abortions is tunnel vision at best, or asinine reasoning at worst. The U.S. population increased by 27 million from 2000 to 2010. The world population more than doubled from 3 billion in 1959 to 7 billion today. It is projected to double every 40 years. This means 14 billion by 2050. Our planet earth has limited resources. At some time many of these resources will run out. We must try to control this growth. Why not start now?

Floyd Orn

Bark River



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