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Please turn on your headlights in bad weather

April 20, 2012
Daily Press


Has the state of Michigan done any research on accidents that happen due to non use of headlights during inclement weather? I cannot believe the number of cars I have met on foggy days, snowy days, rainy days that no headlights were on. I am sure this non use of headlights causes many accidents.

Newer cars have headlights that come on automatically when the car is started. We have seat belt laws in Michigan, yet none regarding the use of headlights in any inclement type of weather.

Doesn't it make sense that if all cars were required to use their headlights in inclement weather it would reduce accidents? If someone has lights on they are able to be seen, hence avoiding an accident. No lights on, someone turns in front of them and an accident happens.

I just ask people to please use common sense when driving in inclement weather. Also, please turn your lights on when the sun is beginning to set so you can be seen. I have come across many people whose headlights are not on at this time and they are not easy to see. People complain about laws, well if people refuse to use common sense, then that is why laws are made. It is not only for the safety of others, but yourself and those riding in your car as well.

Mary Gierke




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