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Quit blaming President Obama

April 18, 2012
Daily Press


Rather than working together for the best interests of our nation these right wing radical extremists complain, criticize, and find, or make up faults about almost everything President Obama has tried to do. Such as affordable health care for everyone. It could have been made so much better if the party of no had offered some rational ideas on how to improve it rather than wasting that time protecting the interests of the huge insurance companies.

Trying to blame President Obama for the high gas prices is silly reasoning. Put the blame where it really belongs mostly to the oil companies, the refineries, and the speculators. 6.5 billion to solar companies may have not been a complete waste of money. We may have gained some knowledge of better ways to make, and use a non polluting energy source. Why have the Republican Senators voted to continue subsides of 20 billion a year to the largest oil, and gas companies?

When are these far right extremists going to stop their attacks, and war against women's health care? As far as President Obamas call to Sandra Fluke, and the Martin family, how trite to complain about that. The so called gun running operation was initiated during the Bush administration.

Floyd Orn

Bark River



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