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Too costly for Michigan motorists

April 3, 2012
Daily Press


I truly believe that Lansing speaks out of both sides of its mouth.

Our attorney general has filed a pleading with the U.S. Supreme Court opposing the National Health Care Law approved by Congress, yet Lansing has done absolutely nothing to modify or curb the absurd cost to Michigan motorists who now pay $145 per year, per motor vehicle, to cover the medical expenses exceeding $500,000 and now scheduled to increase 21 percent to $175 per vehicle per year.

It does not matter how one was injured in a motor vehicle accident:

1. Was operating a motor vehicle while intoxicated or riding with an intoxicated operator.

2. Was operating a motor vehicle at speeds in excess of the posted speed limits, or riding without a seat belt secured.

3. Was operating a motor vehicle in violation of other state or municipal laws, such as a motorcycle operator riding without a helmet.

My news article said that this association paid the medical bills for approximately 12,800 accident victims; and last year it paid out from this claim pool $927 million. Talk about socialized medicine.

At the cost of health care these days and with this governing board being responsible to absolutely no one, from all that I've read, the health care industry surely loves this law as it results in surely: a first class license to steal. All legally, of course.

In my opinion, it's time for citizens to speak loud and clear about such absurd and unreasonable charges.

The present law must be modified now, now, now. If the U.S. Supreme Court upholds the Obama National Health Care Law as constitutional, this year then this law must be voided ASAP.

The article states the victims covered are those mostly who have brain injury or damage, paralysis, or other catastrophic injuries. yet, the Lansing Legislature has approved bills to permit motorcycle riders to operate and ride without a helmet providing the operator carries a minimum of $20,000 or $100,000 of medical insurance. Such action surely represents inadequate thought on the part of the Legislature.

PS: One can only speculate as to how many more uninsured motor vehicle operators this will put on our roads.

Robert E. Gifford

Rapid River



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