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Don’t deprive women because of religious beliefs

March 29, 2012
Daily Press


Since my name is quoted in a letter to the editor by Camilla Blakeslee, I feel I must respond. She evidently believes that when a woman takes the morning after pill she has aborted a child.

When I picture a child I see a living, breathing, small human being who has a brain, and can think and have ideas. It can be happy or sad. In other words has awareness, and is not physically attached to its mother. A small cluster of cells that are attached to the uterine lining have none of these things.

A belief doesn't necessarily make something true. I religiously believe these senseless wars we've been waging for over a decade are wrong, yet the government uses my tax money to kill and maim countless numbers of innocent human beings. I don't have much of, or any choice in the matter.

If a person is against contraceptives or abortion they have a choice, don't use them or have one.

Don't try to ban or deprive the women who need them for health or other reasons because of your religious beliefs.

When religious organizations start paying the same taxes most of us pay, maybe I would be able to be more tolerant of their political and religious viewpoints.

Floyd Orn

Bark River



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