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Texas voter law shouldn’t be blocked

March 20, 2012
Daily Press

Editor's Note: This letter was sent to Eric Holder, Attorney General and is reprinted here.

- - -


I just read in my copy of USA Today dated March 13, 2012, that the DOJ has blocked a new Texas law requiring voters to show government identification before being issued a voter ballot in an election.

I really fail to understand why this is such a big deal! We in Michigan have had to display our Michigan issued drivers license, or some other positive form of identification, for several years, before being given a voter ballot. I find this request reasonable.

This article goes on to say "Hispanic registered voters are more than twice as likely as non-Hispanic registered voters to lack such identification" per Assistant Attorney General Thomas Perez. Is this because they can't read or write in the English language, and therefore don't have a motor vehicle operator's license?

This action by the DOJ smacks of bias, discriminatory practices, etc. to protect those who presumably are now in my country illegally and should be deported if the USA is to operate under the rule of law! Is the rule of law becoming more "Passe" to Mr. Obama?

Why did the DOJ not intervene to block the law in Michigan?? Was it because there weren't enough illegal immigrants then living in Michigan to concern the voter count in 2008?

Rep. Lamar Smith R-Texas' comments regarding the DOJ's action sounds very logical.

Is it really any wonder that Democrats like I are becoming more "Independent" voters.

Robert Gifford

Rapid River



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