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Headed down the wrong path?

March 2, 2012
Daily Press


I would like to know how great the way we live or have lived "is"! Exactly what "is" our way of life? In a Letter to the Editor Mr. Kee says we are headed down the wrong path. Would "down the wrong path" include health care for all our citizens, keeping Social Security, regulate the banks and Wall Street, end wars where we invade a country which never threatened us, (which was never budgeted for, increasing our debt) pay fair taxes. Will all these things ruin our way of life.

I don't understand people who blindly follow the "old boys network" feel our way of life is in ruin. We have better medicine, health care, Social Security, guaranteed deposits by the FDIC on our savings, food stamps for those in need, and a number of other agencies set up to give aid at different times to those in need.

How in the world is this ruining our way of life? We still have freedoms. If I wanted to buy some real estate next to your house and decided to set up an atomic waste depository there I couldn't. It would be a very lucrative business. There goes my freedom. But then again it would be in the interests of most citizens to not allow this endeavor.

I would like to add several things I find interesting since I never got this out when I originally wrote it.

Gingrich will get us $2.50 a gallon gas, Romney can relate to us, the working people of America, Santorum believes in non-separation of church and state. These presidential seekers will tell you anything you want to hear, usually nowhere near the truth.

Think, think, and think again.

Bob Archambeau

Cape Coral, Fla.



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