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Government and free spending

March 1, 2012
Daily Press


A recent letter by Mr. Wesolowski contained a few errors that he might have corrected if he had done a little checking of the information that he cited as the source of his big discovery. Wow! He was almost onto something, but he fumbled the ball. The amount of money that we spend on the 12 welfare programs is not $358 million, but is really $358 billion. To us taxpayers this is a considerable amount of money. However to free spending Democrats this may seem like small change.

As a youngster growing up during the Depression, I can remember when we ran the government on $3 billion. But the free spending FDR took over and our big spending took off I do not know what if any U.S. history Mr. Obama studied, but this might have been the extent of it: Raise taxes, put in more programs, spend money foolishly, and make people look to him for leadership. This is what FDR did and Obama seems to be following his lead.

One other part of the story is that the states and local governments spend an additional $129 billion on similar type programs. So in 2010 we spend $487 billion and what do we have to show for being so generous? Despite all the programs and efforts by many people in authority, the percentage of the poor remains at between 12 and 15 percent.

So it is definitely not succeeding; maybe we should look for different solutions. First off we have to admit that we have a serious problem, and it is not improving the lives of the people who are under the various programs. It also discourages people to take jobs as it cuts into the benefits that they were getting. One last point on this is that these government programs have different standards and are top heavy with big administration costs. So if we want to get better results from our welfare programs, we have to admit that we have a problem, that many of the current programs are ineffective and very expensive and we have to look at and address the whole system. If we do not take control of the system, we will have a society where the people look to the government for answers and solutions. But this approach has not worked anywhere. Even Sweden that had the womb to tomb programs, has really changed its ways.

The current problems in Greece are the results of the government promising all sorts of benefits beyond its capacity to pay for them. We are nearing that point as about 50 percent of the people are getting a government check of some sort. We are a financial broke country, and have to borrow huge sums to pay our bills. From what Obama seems to be doing, he is changing the greatest country the world has known into a European socialist type system. As I stated earlier this type of system has never been successful. So why are we going down that path?

One last comment. Obama's guiding light is Saul Alinsky who was a community organizer just like Obama was in Chicago. Alinsky's friend in Chicago was Frank Nitti who took over Al Capone's mob after Capone went to prison. Alinsky's motivating goal was to bring down our country. Alinsky believed that politics was war. This gave his disciples an advantage as most of us seek a compromise when trying to solve a difficult problem.

The goal in this war is to take down the haves and give to the have-nots. Hillary Clinton is another Alinsky supporter. She did her Wellesley senior thesis on Alinsky's tactics. Just think: These two are running our country. Wow!

James. A Hirn

Lakeland, Fla.



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